Data protection

ENVIRON believes that transparency is one of the ingredients of a long-term relationship. We appreciate your interest in a cleaner and healthier environment, both for us and especially for future generations, and we thank you for the trust you place in us when you give us access to your personal data.

This information concerns the collection and use / processing of personal data by the ENVIRON operator in the course of its current activity (taking over legal responsibilities from producers regarding WEEE recycling, WEEE collection, organizing events in support of these responsibilities) and is addressed to:

  • natural persons, who, as representatives or contact persons of legal entities, communicate personal data to us;
  • adults (who have reached the age of 18), who request information from our activity through various channels such as website, email, telephone, social networks;
  • individuals participating in events organized by ENVIRON;

For any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the processing of personal data, please contact us at the email address: