Transfer of responsibility in 10 steps

  • 1

    Obtaining a number of registration in the Register of Producers from ANPM

  • 2

    Signing of the transfer of responsibility contract

  • 3

    Creating a customer account with a unique username and password in the platform provided by ENVIRON

  • 4

    Monthly reporting the quantities of EEE placed on the market in kg and pieces

  • 5

    Issuance of the invoice representing the equivalent value of the green stamp for the quantities of EEE placed on the market

  • 6

    WEEE management system planning

  • 7

    Development of the collection network and endowment with containers

  • 8

    Carrying out awareness campaigns

  • 9

    WEEE collection

  • 10

    Reporting to the authorities

The collection points in the ENVIRON network are available on the Where We Recycle application



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