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Members of local communities, natural or legal persons, in their capacity of direct or indirect users of the sanitation system, have the obligation to ensure separate pre-collection, in the containers provided by the operator of the system – distinctly marked and placed in dedicated areas – of the waste generated in their household or as result of their lucrative activities.

You also need to know that upon the purchase of a new product, you can request the distributor to take back the WEEE on a "one to one" basis, free of charge, under the same conditions as the conditions for delivery of the new product, if the equipment is of equivalent type and has met the same functions as the newly supplied equipment. Very small WEEE may be handed over free of charge in dedicated areas of at least 400 sqm arranged in the points of sale of electronic equipment.

You can hand over waste electrical and electronic equipment free of charge at the collection points of the Environ national network. To locate the nearest collection point, please see the Collection Point Map.

For further information, please contact our call centre at 031.827.0000.