Distributors' obligations 

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Distributors of electrical and electronic equipment are an important link in the chain of responsible WEEE management.

  • In order to ensure proper treatment of all WEEE collected and to reach a high level of separate collection of WEEE, electronic waste from private households is taken back by the public WEEE collection system, distributors, and collection centres established by economic operators authorised to collect WEEE
  • The collection of WEEE from private households carried out by distributors does not fall under the registration or authorisation conditions provided by Law no. 211/2011
  • Distributors have the obligation to hand over collected WEEE to collection centres or directly to economic operators that carry out WEEE treatment activities with a view to recover them, on behalf of producers
  • Upon the supply of a product, at the request of the purchaser, distributors have the obligation to take back WEEE on a "one to one" basis, free of charge, under the same conditions as the conditions for delivery of the new product, if the equipment is of equivalent type and has met the same functions as the newly supplied equipment, and to inform the purchaser about this possibility before they purchase the product
  • Distributors that have selling areas for EEE of at least 400 sqm have the obligation to ensure free collection of very small WEEE from end-users in their stores or in their immediate proximity without obligation to purchase EEE of an equivalent type
  • Producers and distributors have the obligation to show purchasers, at the time of sale of EEE, the costs of collecting, treating and disposing of WEEE in an environmentally sound way, by separately highlighting such costs

Asociația Environ makes available the free and custom collection infrastructure and a regular waste collection service for its contractual members, and also for partners that request it.

The collection points fitted with infrastructure for the separate collection of WEEE are registered in the . Collection Point Map. Get involved in recycling!