Management Tax

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The WEEE management tax – green tax, ecotax – is the consumer's contribution to covering the costs for the collection, treatment and non-pollutant disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The value of the tax helps ensure the financing of the entire collection and recycling process, as well as attainment of the environmental targets provided by the European and national legislation.  

The tax is included in the purchase price of the electronic product or appliance, and is visible (highlighted separately on the invoice), as it is acknowledged by all producers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment.  

The green tax applies to each piece of new purchased electrical and electronic equipment, and it has a fixed price level per category of products, which is set irrespective of the brand, weight, volume or selling price, and is dependent on the recycling capacity of the equipment.  

Asociația Environ is a non-profit organisation. It means that the purpose of the association is not to make profit, but ensure efficient legal compliance with minimal operating costs. All its revenues are invested in the design and development of the WEEE collection, processing, recycling and neutralisation system, as well as in ecological education campaigns.