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Environ's activity is always based on well-established strategies with clear and measurable objectives and well-defined performance indicators so that we are able to ensure best results at both operational and traceable level on behalf of the producers that we proudly represent.

Asociația Environ pleads for a shared approach and a strong cooperation between the representatives of the public and local administration, sanitation operators, recyclers, collective organisations and the civil society.

Asociația Environ is permanently developing sustained partnerships with the infrastructure necessary to collect and treat WEEE. The organisation takes all necessary actions to make sure that the collection, transport, temporary storage and treatment of waste are carried out in an eco-friendly manner within the national network under observance of environmental protection standards.

The treatment and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) collected by the network of Asociația Environ are carried out using BAT (best available techniques) processes under guarantee of traceability and neutralisation of resulting hazardous fractions.

The implementation of WEEELABEX recycling performance standards (that set the technical and operational requirements for operators by waste streams) provide members and partners of Asociația Environ the guarantee of ongoing improvement of the quality of treatment processes and ensure traceability of waste from generation until the end of waste stage.