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The main pillar of the mission of Asociația Environ is a proactive support for Romania in achieving its objective to become a Recycling Society, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and promoting the growth of a green resource efficient economy.

Asociația Environ is committed to achieving economic, ecological and social objectives and is fully taking over the responsibility of preserving the environment intact in order to support our life and the life of future generations.

Environ's activity is focused on designing efficient custom solutions according to the specificity and requirements of its members, with the end purpose of achieving collection, reuse, recycling and recovery targets by developing an integrated waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) management system in compliance with the European legislation. Meeting legal obligations with efficiency, transparency, efficacy and at competitive prices is the commitment that Asociația Environ makes to its members.

Asociația Environ has set the objective to strengthen the collective conscience of all stakeholders involved in the WEEE recycling process, central and local authorities, retail networks, educational units, companies, public organisations and the civil society. For this purpose, the activity of Asociația Environ is permanently focused on improving environmental performance, efficiency, permanent dialog with all market players and collaboration to improve the regulatory framework, as well as to inform the population by means of awareness raising campaigns.

Environ values

stock photo vision mission values d style 355007891    Responsibility to the environment and sustainable development
 stock photo vision mission values d style 355007891 Social involvement
 stock photo vision mission values d style 355007891  Innovation and performance
 stock photo vision mission values d style 355007891  Professionalism, transparency, trust