Redu Amprenta de Carbon – Primii pași în lupta împotriva schimbărilor climatice is the first common project aimed at raising awareness among the Romanian population on climate change, launched by Asociația Environ and the Romanian Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany with support from the Romanian Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The objectives of the campaign are to educate the population on the impact of climate change on the environment and human life, and to highlight the importance of their own contribution in reducing the carbon footprint. 

Besides the informative and educational component, the project Redu Amprenta de Carbon also aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging an eco-friendly behaviour at an individual level. 

The campaign website includes information about climate change policies, explanations and good practice examples of how to reduce global warming, as well as an online version of the brochure Primii pași în lupta împotriva schimbărilor climatice (First steps in fighting climate change), a guide with useful advice that can be used by any citizen to reduce their carbon footprint while carrying out daily activities. 

Further information about the campaign is available at and